Does Your Website Look Good On Mobile Devices?

Mobile Website vs Standard WebsiteSo you’ve taken the big technological leap forward and developed a website for your product or organization, it looks good and it appears customers are visiting it, that should be enough right? Unfortunately it’s not. Many websites of local businesses and organizations in Ghana suffer from a major design flaw.

Simply put, many of these websites usually load very slowly or are troublesome to navigate on mobile devices. In tech lingo: ‘they render poorly on mobile browsers’. Why is this a problem?
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How Do Your Customers Find You?

Location Services‘Location, location, location…’ For years this has been the mantra of business experts highlighting the importance of the physical location of a business in drawing customers. The basic reasoning underlining

this truth remains valid, businesses serving their customers physically must ensure that they pick the best location possible to attract and retain customers. However, the rise of technology such as: the almost total adoption of mobile phones, the evolution of smartphones, and advances in location technology (e.g. GPS) mean there are new location dynamics businesses can and should master.

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How Can You Make Money from Your Mobile App?

Mobile DevelopmentSo, you’re a hotshot young software developer with an awesome idea for a mobile app, you’re sure it will rock the world and have more users than Angry Birds. Perhaps you’ve already finished the app and are ready to launch in a big splash, but now the big question hits you, how exactly are you going to make money from this? Worldwide fame is all well and good but you do plan on buying a house and hopefully getting married.

This is a problem faced by many mobile application developers around the world, and as the app development sphere in Ghana and Africa grows, it’s a challenge our young developers will have to face and overcome.

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What Can We Expect in 2012? (Part 1)

What Can We Expect in 2012?2011 was a very big year for tech-related issues in Ghana. The past year saw the launch of many products and service that may very well revolutionize personal and business life in Ghana. This week we take a look backwards at some of the innovations and events of the past year, and then take a look forward at how these events could transform Ghana in 2012 and beyond.

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Can Public Institutions Learn from Private Organizations?

Parliament in SessionIt is well known and taught in all business schools how important to any organization communication is, and indeed market communication departments, P.R.Os and other communication offices are prevalent in most public or private organizations. But truly, is the public sector in Ghana  taking communication as seriously as it should?

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