What Can We Expect in 2012? (Part 2)

Following on from2012 last week’s article and introduction to our vision for 2012, here are a few more ways technology will revolutionize work and life in Ghana this year. We take a look backwards at some of the innovations and events of the past year, then take a look forward at how these events could transform Ghana in 2012 and beyond.

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How can Technology Transform Education in Ghana?

ICT in Education

The Ghanaian education system today is in a bad state with massive failures in primary education, the length of secondary school cycles in constant flux, and the major universities altering admissions procedures and course materials.

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Will Virtualization Really Save You Money?

Virtualisation Solutions‘The Death of the PC’, this was the title given to a Forbes.com article detailing the rise and increasing use of Virtualization in the business environment. Today’s Information Age has made the purchase and use of some form of IT infrastructure an integral and necessary component of most organizations.

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Are Businesses in Ghana Cloud Ready?

Cloud ComputingFor the past few years, a new trend in computing has been quickly gaining traction not only in the tech world but increasingly amongst businesses. What is it? Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing has proved since its inception its great personal and business benefits. It is then not surprising that many businesses, both small and large, have caught on to its possibilities and have integrated it in many ways in their business activities.

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