Agile 101 – Brief Intro’

DreamOval’s Emmanuel Kumah speaks about the Agile Software Methodology

A Peep Into The Curious Mind Of A WannaBe

Building software can be tantamount to creating a work of art; it requires ample craftsmanship to complete a master piece. When you think you are done, there is always something you feel you have missed.

Due to the continuous customer requirements and changes that pop up during the software development process, it is essential that software becomes malleable and logically incomplete. To deal with these increasing demand and changes you will have to adapt the right development methodology.

In this post I provide a gentle insight into Agile Software development methodology.

So what really is Agile Software methodology?

In building a software products, there are various models that can be  adopted. Such as : Waterfall,Spiral, Rapid Application Development and Agile

Agile  is a software development method which is based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through a collaboration of cross-functional teams.

The key  in the Agile…

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