Say Hello To Buddy!

After months of planning and building, the myTXTbuddy Team would like to announce the release of a new and improved myTXTbuddy!

With the new myTXTbuddy we’ve focused on innovating to provide you with a simpler and more efficient experience. With the new website and application, we’ve taken a serious effort in rebuilding the MTB experience from the ground up. We’ve redesigned to make it easier for you to find the necessary information on the website and make it as simple as possible for you to send messages to multiple contacts.

The New myTXTbuddy

The New myTXTbuddy

The team is extremely pleased to show you today the work that has been done over the past few months. You may check out the website now and log-in now to see what has changed. You will also find some training videos for the new myTXTbuddy on YouTube

Introducing Buddy



We’d also like to take the opportunity to present our new brand icon, Buddy, he’s the latest addition to the team and he’ll act as the face of myTXTbuddy from now onward.  So, please check your email spam filter and make sure messages from ( & are let in so you’re always informed about what’s going on.

Thanks for your continued support, and here’s to a Merry Christmas in advance!


PS:You can let us know what you think or report any concerns by replying to this e-mail or calling us at 0303-411045

– The myTXTbuddy Team

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