A Bigger, Better myTXTbuddy!

improve-big-iconChange is good, and change that comes from your own observations about our service is even better.  That’s why The MTB Team is proud to announce to you today a slew of new features and service improvements that have been pushed into myTXTbuddy over the past few days.

These changes are meant to make sure it takes less time for you to get on our service and fire off your SMS blasts. Please do try out the features outlined below and let us know what you think.

myTXTbuddy in Nigeria!Nigeria_flag2

For some of you even messaging in Ghana is too small! For the organizations among us who are present in international markets MTB is working to make sure you can reach your customers everywhere.

That’s why wer’e very pleased to announce that you can now send messages from myTXTbuddy to mobile users in Nigeria! We currently support messages to the following Nigerian networks: MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, Glo. Give it a try today and let us know what you think!



Unfortunately messages sometimes fail to go through. Internet connections may fail, mobile networks may be clogged up, but the end result is usually that your initial SMS doesn’t reach some customers immediately.

However, we are happy to announce today that now myTXTbuddy automatically notes any messages that fails and will automatically retry sending them. This will not cost you any extra credit. Please note then that you do not need to manually copy and send your message again, this will cost you credit as a new message. just be patient and myTXTbuddy will ensure your message gets through to your customers.

Bigger Contact UploadsuploadGreen

myTXTbuddy is meant to make large-scale messaging easy. To this end, we have now increased the number of contacts you can upload directly into myTXTbuddy to 150,000 (or 10mb worth).

You don’t even need to type them all out as any excel file you have with this contact list can be easily uploaded directly into your online account on myTXTbuddy. Check out our Excel Plug-In for direct uploading from MS Excel!

If you have any further questions just leave us a comment here, e-mail us at support@mytxtbuddy.com, or call our Support Hotline: 0303-411045.

– The MTB Team


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