Domains Purchasing Service,, Launched

Qikli Launched Launched

DreamOval Ltd today announces the launch of Qikli (, a domain purchase and management service. Qikli serves all people looking to purchase a domain name for their website and emails by affording them a simple, on-line interface to pay for these domains in Ghana Cedis and manage them independently.

Across Ghana, many businesses are recognizing the value of having a website to promote themselves. The first step in this process is to purchase the appropriate domain name. A domain is the web addresses of your website, sometimes referred to as the site name (e.g.


Many businesses are also seeking their own domain names to power official e-mails. In fact, a website and a specific business domain e-mail is now the mark of any serious and professional organization.  A business could put its credibility in doubt when they use free email addresses such as,, etc.

We recognize that, local businesses seeking their own domain name often face an unreasonable series of avoidable obstacles.

  1. Accessibility – The first of these is the lack of any local service directly selling all types of domain names. People then face the difficulty of having to acquire a credit card or foreign payment account to buy domains from a foreign company’s website.
  2. Ownership – There are indeed local domain service providers that act as middlemen. They are perhaps the most dangerous option. Domains are effectively ‘owned’ by the person who pays for them. Thus many businesses that buy domains from these third-party service providers don’t actually own the domains they purchase.
  3. Sabotage – Individuals and businesses who buy domains through third parties most of the time cannot manage their domains independently. Such arrangements leave these businesses open to sabotage by these third parties, who most of the time will be no where to be found when it matters most. Very often, these third parties unduly cling to the domain names as if they were theirs and in the worst cases fail to renew them. This often leads to businesses losing their domains without warning or other competitors sabotaging these domains.

These issues have businesses asking how they can avoid this stress and make domain purchases quickly and simply, avoiding unnecessary stress and hustle.

Qikli allows any business or individual with an Internet connection to search for and buy any domain name they desire from the comfort of a web browser.  Payments are made securely online with iWallet. In addition the domain can then be managed securely from Qikli’s domain management interface. With no need to travel to any physical location or use an international credit card or payment service, Qikli is truly the most convenient, safe, and reliable option.

DreamOval Ltd. is a company focused on ‘Making Life Simple’ through the services we develop for the African market. We are a software development house that has vast experience in providing innovative enterprise solutions for large organizations and quality web services for individuals. DreamOval’s product line includes Ghana’s first online payments service, iWallet, a messaging gateway myTXTbuddy, and a mobile games store MobiBuddy.



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