Is a Viral Marketing Campaign Perfect For Your Brand?

Viral MarketingIf there is anything tha t can be said to be iconic of the dawn of social media and Web 2.0 applications, it is viral  marketing.  The rise of viral campaigns has had marketers scrambling to reassess their strategies and try to take advantage of new media that allow low-cost campaigns to reach millions of people worldwide. Viral marketing campaigns have been used effectively for consumer electronic brands (Blendtec), movies (The Dark Night) and political figures (Obama 2008). As they continue to steal headlines across the world, local marketers must ask if a viral marketing campaign is an option for pushing brands.

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Are Women Being Left Out of the Tech Revolution?

Women in TechWhat do MicrosoftAppleFacebookGoogleRancard Solutions and DreamOval Ltd have in common? From small local firms to multinationals, from the old to the young, and from international to local; each and every one of these tech firms was started by men. To this day it’s surprising and somewhat disturbing that women seem to have been largely left out in the leadership of the world’s technology revolution. Only a small percentage of technology startups worldwide are led by women, and here in Africa ICT education seems to be more attractive to men than women. Why is this and what can be done? We examine some potential causes..

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How Can You Make Money from Your Mobile App?

Mobile DevelopmentSo, you’re a hotshot young software developer with an awesome idea for a mobile app, you’re sure it will rock the world and have more users than Angry Birds. Perhaps you’ve already finished the app and are ready to launch in a big splash, but now the big question hits you, how exactly are you going to make money from this? Worldwide fame is all well and good but you do plan on buying a house and hopefully getting married.

This is a problem faced by many mobile application developers around the world, and as the app development sphere in Ghana and Africa grows, it’s a challenge our young developers will have to face and overcome.

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