What Can We Expect in 2012? (Part 2)

Following on from2012 last week’s article and introduction to our vision for 2012, here are a few more ways technology will revolutionize work and life in Ghana this year. We take a look backwards at some of the innovations and events of the past year, then take a look forward at how these events could transform Ghana in 2012 and beyond.

1. Social Media Adoption

2011: In 2011 more organizations in Ghana adopted social media platforms in an effort to reach a wider swathe of customers. Many companies such as the telecommunication ones (e.g. MTN and Vodafone) have realized the capacity of social media services to serve as promotions platforms and customer service points and actively use them as such on services such as Facebook and Twittter.

2012: More Ghanaians will go online this year and inevitably join one or more of the social media giants form Facebook to Google+. As this social media population grows it will only make increasingly more sense for companies to develop a quality presence on social media platforms where they can more easily reach their customers and other Ghanaians. Marketers this year must be open to the possibilities social media brings to the marketing and customer relations landscape and take advantage of it.

2. Cloud Computing

2011: Though the technology itself has been around for a while, the past year has seen cloud computing gradually gaining interest and adoption across the world. Cloud computing applications such as Google Apps have seen increased adoption by businesses across the world and slowly in Ghana. The rising cost of doing business in this country is leading managers to streamline their businesses and improve efficiency as best as they can.

2012: As internet services in the country improve and managers gain a greater understanding of the power of and advantages offered by cloud computing services, I expect a greater adoption of cloud computing applications in the workplace. Google’s local presence will most likely be spearheading efforts to get businesses to sign on to their Google Apps cloud services to improve workplace efficiency. Many businesses to reduce IT costs will gradually shift online services to cloud hosting platforms or collocation services such as RackAfrica.

As a whole, 2012 promises to be an excellent growth year for technology use and adoption in Ghana. As the price of mobile and computing devices fall and internet rates drop, technology becomes increasingly more accessible to Ghanaians. More and more Ghanaians are taking or have taken computer literacy courses and the use of some form of computer is more and more a necessity, especially in the workplace. Thus not only is computing more accessible but entrepreneurs are finding more and more ways each day to make it useful to daily life and work in Ghana. These trends all point towards the fact that 2012, perhaps more than any other year, will see the technological revolution Ghana and Africa has been inching towards for years.

-Terence Adjei-Otchwemah

Executive, Product Marketing and Media Relations

DreamOval Ltd.


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