Can e-Commerce Succeed in Ghana?

eBay's WebsiteAs the internet revolution has swept the world e-commerce has grown right along with it. The success of companies like E-Bay and Amazon has proven the point that the Internet can be and is an important and effective tool for business. So the question is asked, can e-commerce bring the same benefits to Ghanaians that it has brought other, larger nations?

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Social Media: Just For Fun or Serious Business?

MyTXTbuddy's Facebook pageThe Social media revolution has been going strong for quite a while now and Ghanaians have been no exception. According to data from Facebook’s advertising tool, Ghana currently has 1, 096,6001 Facebook users with 72.4% of those users ranging in age from 18-34 years in age.Alexa ranks Facebook as the number one site visited by Ghanaians online, surpassing Google. Though these figures are themselves impressive the trend is even more so.

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